Fairy Tale Lenormand, plåt

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Winner of the Tarosophists Award for Best Lenormand Deck!

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Fairy Tales have been teaching us timeless life lessons for centuries. Lisa Hunt’s enchanting artwork draws us into the magical world of peasants and princesses, dragons and daring deeds. By weaving imaginative myths into the Lenormand structure, Fairy Tale Lenormand helps readers connect with the cards in meaningful and memorable ways. The 38-card multicultural deck, presented in a treasure chest tin, includes extra Gentleman and Lady cards for personalized readings.

Arwen Lynch's delightful 120-page booklet, with foreword by Lenormand expert Donnaleigh de LaRose, cleverly relates familiar fairy tales to the Lenormand meanings. Booklet includes illustrated instructions for reading with Crossroads Spreads, Tower Spreads, and Happily Ever Afters.
Are you ready to peer into your own life fairy tale through the reflective eyes of the Fairy Tale Lenormand? Artist Lisa Hunt has prepared an oracle that will show you the storybook images parallel in your own life as told through the mirror.

Winner of the Tarosophists Award for Best Lenormand Deck!

Skapad av: Arwen Lynch & Lisa Hunt
Kort: 38 st, 89 x 57 mm
Instruktionshäfte: 120 sidor
Språk: Engelska 
ISBN: 9781572817975
Förlag: U.S. Games Systems

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